KxS Inline Brix refractometer DCM-20 for sugar refining and processing

KxS Inline brix refractometer DCM-20 is engineered to deliver precise and dependable brix and concentration measurements throughout sugar extraction, crystallization, and refining processes. By integrating these advanced instruments, sugar producers can achieve higher sugar recovery rates, superior product quality, and enhanced profitability.

The compact DCM-20 is intended to be installed in small pipe line sizes of 2 inch and smaller directly, or by a flow cell using a tri-clamp or Varinline® connection.

The probe DCM-20 is installed in the main processing line, bypass line or vessel either directly with Flange or Sandvik coupling process connection, or via flow cell or pipe section.

The DCM-20 combines high accuracy measuring technology with industrial grade ruggedness and withstands the harsh sugar mill conditions, extreme temperatures and pressures, vibration, contamination, humidity, dust, and any combination of these factors.

DCM is a true stand-alone device with all measurement functions integrated in the sensor, thus eliminating the need of transmitter. Measurement output options include both analog and digital communication protocols. Two cable connection ports offer dual analog 4-20mA and Modbus TCP.

External display of different sizes are available and connected through the sensor digital port. Computer, tablet or mobile phone with a web browser serves as sensor user interface for accessing diagnostics and settings. 

In demanding process conditions, one mA-output can be dedicated to controlling the optical window wash, maintaining optimal performance and cleanliness. The wash settings are user selectable in the refractometer's user interface and relay functions integrated in a modular connection unit.