KxS Inline Brix refractometer DCM-20 for food & beverage

Installation with single-piece flow cell SFC




KxS Inline brix refractometer DCM-20 comes with a variety of standard food industry process connections and is designed with highest hygienic and food industry standards. All wetted parts of the refractometers, including sensors, flow cells, and process connections are with 3A Sanitary Symbol authorization and certified by European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG), ensuring compliance with the most rigorous industry standards.

Innovative straight pipe connection

Our straight pipe connection innovation transforms how you handle pipe installations, offering significantly better flow velocity on measurement window compared to traditional elbow-mounted systems, and ease of mounting.

Here is why the straight pipe connection stands out:

  • Ensures significantly better flow velocity on measurement window compared to traditional elbow-mounted systems
  • Minimizes turbulence and pressure drop
  • Say goodbye to the complex elbow-mounted installations. The straight pipe connection simplifies the mounting point selection and process.
  • Superior drainage, unlike elbow connection, which can trap residues.

Key features

  • nD=1.3200...1.5300 (equals by definition to 0...100 Brix)  
  • Optimal footprint​, compact, light-weight (weight 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs))
  • True stand-alone ​


  • Solid optics module provides reliable thermal properties and rigidity​
  • Traditional fiber optics, prone to breakage, replaced with innovative, non-breakable design.
  • Isolated electronics for true concentration temperature compensation ​
  • Individual zero-point factory calibration

Process connections 

  • 1.5” tri-clamp connection, Varinline® and APV tank bottom flange​
  • Optional flow cell housing connections with sanitary or DIN/ANSI flanges ​


  • 3A Sanitary Symbol 46-04 Authorization and certified by the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) Type EL Class I