KxS retractable process refractometers for pulp and paper: Maximized performance and operator safety

KxS retractable refractometer DCM-20 PASVE® is designed combining KxS's 40 years' extensive experience in the pulp industry. 

The retractable refractometer features the proprietary PASVE® isolation valve, an industry standard since the 1980s with over 60,000 units installed worldwide. The DCM-20 PASVE® design provides secure connection to the process and maximum operator safety without process shutdown in inline dry solids content measurement in kraft chemical pulp mill applications.

The DCM-20 PASVE®, with its compact design, offers exceptional flexibility for choosing installation points in vertical and horizontal pipe lines within the mill. Its small footprint ensures easy integration into various setups, optimizing space and service efficiency.

For the kraft chemical recovery process to operate at high efficiency, proper process measurements are essential. We provide KxS retractable refractometers for measuring black liquor and green liquor dry solids, liquid density, concentration, and Total Titrable Alkali (TTA) in the chemical recovery process. This helps optimize energy-intensive operations, increase evaporator capacity, and improve white liquor quality by continuously controlling the TTA of the green liquor in the causticizing process. 

KxS also offers process refractometers for measuring and monitoring Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) content in fiber suspensions and filtrates during Brown Stock Washing (BSW). TDS changes in feed and outlet stock lines, as well as incoming and outgoing filtrate lines, can be detected immediately. Optimizing the brown stock washing process and increasing black liquor solids content results in immediate profits, cleaner and better quality pulp for bleaching, and optimized use of water, chemicals, and energy.

Typical applications

  • Weak liquor from pulp washers​
  • Black liquor to evaporators​
  • Black liquor to recovery boiler​
  • Green liquor TTA in causticizing
  • Filtrates in Brown Stock Washing

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