Meet the KxS experts and our refractometer innovations

KxS Technologies is dedicated to the most advanced and modern liquid concentration technology to help a wide range of clients in the semiconductor, bioprocessing, food, sugar, chemical, and pulp and paper industries to produce more high-quality consumer products. 

Specializing in the development of inline concentration monitoring technology, KxS continues to make a mark with DCM process refractometers that are designed to be robust and compact in size to ensure reliability and accuracy in any liquid process.


Our mission statement

We are here to serve the world's critical liquid applications by enabling our partners and customers success. Instrumental in that process is to provide excellence in concentration measurement and collaboration.

  • Our purpose: Focus on critical liquid applications and high-quality concentration measurement
  • Our commitment: Dedication to customer and partner success.
  • Our approach: The importance of collaboration.

Our engineers collaborate with customers and can help you optimize your process. We help you identify areas for improvement, increase yield, reduce waste, and implement the right solution, no matter the application or complexity.

Book a consultation with our experts and let’s find together the best solution for your application needs.