KxS process refractometers for chemical and industrial applications: Reliable measurements over the lifecycle

Enhance your process control

The constant need for innovation and better process optimization solutions in the chemical industry is challenging. Factors such as sustainability, regulations, feedstock, energy costs, and technological advancements all need to be considered. At KxS, we design our products and applications with a deep understanding of these complexities.

Our process refractometers provide precise measurements to help you to improve product quality, increase efficiency, and reduce downtime.

By collaborating closely with our customers, we have developed solutions that provide the best value in the industry. Our refractometers are designed to withstand corrosive and abrasive conditions, extreme temperatures and pressures, vibration, contamination, humidity, dust, and any combination of these factors.

Typical applications

  • Alkalies and chlorine (Hydrochloric acid, Caustic soda, Brine, Sulfuric acid)
  • Common chemicals (Ammonium hydroxide, Ammonium nitrate, Ethylene glycol, Formaldehyde, Gelatine, Hydrogen peroxide, Nitric acid, Oleum, Polycarbonates, Resins, Sodium hydroxide, Resins, Urea)
  • Fibers and plastics (Acrylics, Caprolactam, natural and man-made fibers, Fiberglass binders solutions, Nylon salt, Textile finishing, coating and dyeing solutions)
  • Metal machining fluids (Quenchants, cooling lubricants, cutting oils, coating fluids)
  • Salts and sodium compounds (Brine, Glauber’s salt, Sodium carbonate)
  • Effluent and water treatment (TOC content/dissolved organic material)
  • Other (Ion exchange chromatography: regeneration chemicals of ion exchangers, loading and unloading operations: chemicals interface detection and identification. De-icing preparations manufacturing, spraying and recovery: Ethylene glycol, Propylene glycol. Automotive grade urea solution, AdBlue (AUS32), Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF))
  • And more

Whether you're dealing with chemical processing, heavy industry, or any application requiring high precision under industrial or extreme conditions, the KxS process refractometer is your trusted solution.

We’re here to assist you with your process monitoring needs—offering support at every stage. From expert application consultation and selecting the right solution to smooth startup and support over the lifecycle.

Book a consultation with our experts and let's define together the best solution for your application needs.